Top-down view of Hughes Zero Power Cooler integrated into emergency tank shower lid in hot, arid climate

Why the Hughes Zero Power Cooler is Your Solution for Achieving ANSI Compliance

Emergency tank-fed safety showers are essential, life-saving pieces of equipment to decontaminate a casualty in the event of a chemical spill. In remote environments, tank showers remain the preferred solution as they are self-contained and do not require a plumbed-in water source for a full decontamination. In extremely hot climates, the temperature of the water within the overhead tank can heat due to solar radiation, risking scalding for the user.

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A conveyor belt full of glass bottles filled with an orange liquid

Transparency on hazards and how to improve site safety in glass manufacturing

From food and drink containment to perfumes and colognes, glass and glass containers are an essential part of our day-to-day lives. It’s forecasted that 916 billion units of glass bottles and containers will be manufactured in 2028 alone. Throughout the production process, many caustic and corrosive chemicals such as ammonia, silane, and titanium tetrachloride are used which can cause severe harm in the event of a chemical spill. Worker safety must be maintained as a priority.

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A Hughes Safety Showers engineer carries out regular maintenance work on an enclosed safety shower and eye wash unit

Why Is Safety Shower Maintenance So Important?

Safety showers are the first line of defence against the effects of skin contact with chemicals or dangerous materials. When they haven’t been properly maintained or regularly serviced, they don’t offer workers the protection needed in emergencies. The impact can be severe – life-changing injuries, permanent disabilities, and in the worst scenarios, even death.

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Frost covering blades of grass

Can your safety showers survive the cold?

With winter quickly approaching, ensuring that your emergency safety equipment can withstand the steep drop in temperature is a must. The UK’s winter temperatures average between 6.6C and 7.4C, with other areas of Europe, such as Germany, reaching lows of -3.8C. In these conditions, water can freeze in the standpipe, rendering the unit inoperable. If your safety showers and eye baths are not functional in the event of an emergency, this poses further danger to the casualty and significant fines and/or imprisonment can be imposed.

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White golf ball on sunny golf course grass with hole flag in distance

Safeguarding Leisure Sector Workers From Corrosive Workplace Hazards

It is estimated that the average UK family spends a staggering 22% of their weekly budget on leisure activities, placing huge demand on the industry. In such a rapidly growing sector there are a plethora of arduous hygiene processes used to maintain facilities and protect the public. During recreational breaks, swimming pools and golf courses are often considered family favourites, but how strenuous is maintenance?

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Hughes Emergency Tank Shower Located at Water Treatment Plant in UK

Are You Using Your Safety Showers and Eye Washes Effectively?

Safety showers and eye washes are designed to be simple to activate in the event of an emergency, going from off to on within a second. Once they have been installed in the correct position, within 10 seconds reach of the hazard with no obstructions as per EN and ANSI standard stipulations, employees must be made aware of their location and how to use them effectively. 

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Food packing factory with workers in PPE on a production line

Facing hazards in the fast-paced food industry

The food & drink industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, contributing more than £28bn to the economy every year. This industry and its employees face increased demand from a constantly growing population. As pressure to escalate production increases, the industry cannot afford to neglect the safety of its workers.

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