Top-down view of Hughes Zero Power Cooler integrated into emergency tank shower lid in hot, arid climate

Why the Hughes Zero Power Cooler is Your Solution for Achieving ANSI Compliance

Emergency tank-fed safety showers are essential, life-saving pieces of equipment to decontaminate a casualty in the event of a chemical spill. In remote environments, tank showers remain the preferred solution as they are self-contained and do not require a plumbed-in water source for a full decontamination. In extremely hot climates, the temperature of the water within the overhead tank can heat due to solar radiation, risking scalding for the user.


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ANSI standards stipulate that for a safety shower to be compliant it must provide water to a casualty in a range of 16 – 38 Celsius to prevent scalding, therefore an effective cooling method is needed to achieve compliance. The Hughes Zero Power Cooler effectively tempers the water in the overhead tank of the Hughes 1500L tank shower within the tepid range as per ANSI recommendations.

Zero Power, Zero Maintenance, Zero Running Costs

The unit operates without any electrical components, eliminating the need for a power supply. This makes it well-suited for remote locations where installing electricity lines is impractical or prohibitively expensive. With no moving parts, these units are maintenance-free after installation, allowing for a 'fit and forget' approach.



The Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Once commissioned, the Hughes Zero Power Cooler produces no carbon emissions. Compared to traditional chiller units, even switching just one unit over saves thousands of kilograms of carbon each year.

Per year, just fifteen traditional chiller units produce more carbon emissions than 100 return flights from London Heathrow to Dubai. On the road to becoming carbon neutral, the Hughes Zero Power Cooler makes a vast change.

Calculate your carbon savings here using our online calculator.



Retrofittable to Existing Tank Showers

Do you have an existing Hughes emergency tank shower? With the retroactive addition of the Hughes Zero Power Cooler, your existing units can achieve ANSI compliance. The cooler integrates seamlessly within the tank lid, thus requiring no additional floorspace.



The Tried, Tested, and Award-Winning Option

Not only has the Hughes Zero Power Cooler undergone extensive testing by our customers, accredited third parties have independently verified the products effectiveness with climatic testing.

Saudi Aramco installed a tank shower equipped with Hughes Zero Power Cooler in direct sunlight at their test site in Khurais. During the day the test site’s ambient temperatures exceeded 50C and a supplied water temperature from the site’s main recorded at 41C. With the insulation of the tank combined with the Hughes Zero Power Cooler, the conclusion of the test showed that even in such extreme conditions, the water temperature was consistently maintained within the ANSI specifications.

View the test report from Saudi Aramco in full here, or the TUV report here.



If you want to know more about the Hughes Zero Power Cooler visit our online product page or contact a Hughes expert via our online enquiry form.



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