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Chemical processing plant shown in front of a sunset

Protecting the Workforce of the World's Largest Chemical Producer

A UK site of the World's largest chemical producer switched over its production process for the monomer acrylamide to a modern enzyme-based process. The newer, biocatalytic production method results in less waste than the copper catalysis previously used.

Acrylamide is a hazardous substance and it was imperative that any accidental exposure could be dealt with immediately. The company approached Hughes to aid them in specifying the correct product for them.

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Anaerobic digestion plant shown behind field

Safety Considerations at Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Anaerobic digestion is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solution to converting waste into renewable energy. There are many important health and safety issues to consider and potential risks to mitigate when operating a biogas plant such as explosion, fire, poisoning and surface water leakages. How can Hughes Safety Showers help with some of the potential hazards?

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Justrite® Acquires Industrial Maintenance Group, Inc.

Specialists in industrial coating applications, IMG expands Justrite product portfolio and expertise. Adding a patented spray technology to our spill containment business is a major step forward to providing our customers with a unique solution to solve environmental spill containment issues that meet or exceed SPCC regulations.

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Justrite Safety Group and Checkers Industrial Products Sign a Definitive Merger Agreement

Justrite Safety Group (Justrite®) and Checkers Industrial Products (Checkers), both portfolio companies of Audax Private Equity (Audax) have entered into a Definitive Merger Agreement. The merger of Justrite and Checkers creates a leading manufacturer of industrial and environmental safety products. The merger is anticipated to be completed and closed by the end of January 2018.

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male worker in high vis and hard hat standing with female worker holding clipboard

Hughes Join Forces with E-Commerce Giant

A global e-commerce organisation recently expanded its distribution network in Germany with the introduction of a new logistics centre. The company is responding to growing customer demand, offering an even greater product selection and supporting a growing number of independent merchants. The worldwide organisation chose Hughes to provide emergency safety showers for six of their logistic centres.

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Chemical industrial refinery render

Customised Emergency Safety Shower Solution for Extreme Azerbaijan Climate

As would be expected within the petrochemical industry, health and safety is of great importance due to the high risk associated with the hazardous materials workers are exposed to. SOCAR Polymers were looking for an emergency safety shower solution which would ensure the water in the standpipe would be unaffected by potential solar radiation or freezing temperatures due to the extremes in the Azerbaijan climate. An engineered solution from Hughes provided everything they needed.

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Row of Hughes mobile safety showers with eye wash

Making the Right Choices - Emergency Safety Showers and Eye/Face Washes

Emergency safety showers and eye/face wash units provide the first line of defence in the event of a chemical splash or spillage. Any delay in the removal of these spillages can result in serious injury with possible long-term consequences, permanent disability and even death.

There are fundamental points to consider when making the important decision of selecting emergency safety equipment irrespective of the industry or the location and climate.

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