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Customised Emergency Safety Shower Solution for Extreme Azerbaijan Climate

As would be expected within the petrochemical industry, health and safety is of great importance due to the high risk associated with the hazardous materials workers are exposed to. SOCAR Polymers were looking for an emergency safety shower solution which would ensure the water in the standpipe would be unaffected by potential solar radiation or freezing temperatures due to the extremes in the Azerbaijan climate. An engineered solution from Hughes provided everything they needed.

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Making the Right Choices - Emergency Safety Showers and Eye/Face Washes

Emergency safety showers and eye/face wash units provide the first line of defence in the event of a chemical splash or spillage. Any delay in the removal of these spillages can result in serious injury with possible long-term consequences, permanent disability and even death.

There are fundamental points to consider when making the important decision of selecting emergency safety equipment irrespective of the industry or the location and climate.

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Male worker moving an 40K mobile safety shower

Why Portable Emergency Safety Equipment is Essential in the Changing Environment of a Construction Site?

With the implementation of new building methods or infrastructure processes, it is necessary for construction sites to change in order to meet demands. As new hazards transpire or complications arise, provisions for emergency safety equipment can be challenging especially if a site does not readily have access to a clean potable water supply, or a power supply to ensure the water remains at the required tempered level. This is where portable emergency safety showers and eye/face wash stations are essential.

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Hughes Safety Showers joins the Justrite family

Hughes Safety Showers Ltd joins the Justrite Manufacturing Co. family of industrial hazardous safety and environmental spill containment products. Hughes, a leading industrial safety shower and eyewash company, expands the Justrite product range for its customers in workplace safety, which includes laboratory, process or full-scale production environments.

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worker holding an audible alarm on a workbench

Tailor your emergency safety equipment to your specific site needs with optional fittings

In order to provide the best possible safety equipment for your site, Hughes have gone beyond simply offering a wide range of emergency safety showers and eye/face washes. Available with each range is a wide array of optional extras to tailor your Hughes unit towards your specific safety needs. Whether it is high visibility paint, additional signage or alarms to alert other workers to the shower's operation, choosing the right optional extras for your shower ensures the best safety system for your facility.

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