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Image of man with moustache blowing vapour out of his mouth whilst holding a vape pen

Ensuring safety in the ever-growing e-liquid industry

Vaping has made its mark as one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. With the number of vapers globally climbing from just 7 million in 2011 to a staggering 41 million in 2018 and a market worth an estimated £15.5 billion, it’s unsurprising that new vape liquid manufacturers are popping up every day. To ensure that your e-liquid production facility conforms to health and safety guidelines and your workers are safe, it’s important to invest in ANSI compliant showers and eye/face wash equipment.

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lab worker in PPE uses pipette to distribute liquid into vials in a fume cupboard

Protect Lab Workers with Emergency Safety Showers and Eye Wash Equipment

A laboratory incident at UC Berkeley in 2009 caused severe chemical burns to a student. A few drops of the corrosive chemical oleylamine fell onto a researcher’s uncovered forearm. When he realized what happened, he went to the restroom and washed his arm with soap and water for about a minute. Unfortunately, oleylamine is corrosive and hard to wash off the skin.

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image of fertilizer factory with green field in front against a sunrise sky

Emergency Shower Stations for the Fertilizer Industry

The fertilizer industry uses extremely hazardous materials in their production processes. Common industry chemicals like anhydrous ammonia can cause burns and inhalation hazards. Others like ammonium nitrate pose a risk of fire and explosion. One of the most well-known industrial accidents in recent history occurred in West, Texas, in 2013.

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Legs of various emergency workers in uniform and PPE

Decontamination Processes Keep Emergency Responders Safe

A local fire brigade responds to an incident at a small chemicals factory. Many hazardous chemicals are on site and the incident has resulted in some injuries. The crew swings into action as their training and experience kick in. They assess the situation, demarcate the danger zone and don their full protective hazmat suits. These brave emergency responders risk their own lives to rescue injured workers and contain the situation.

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Worker in high vis vest

Emergency Showers: How to Select the Right One

An emergency safety shower seems like a very simple piece of safety equipment. It must provide tepid water. It should activate quickly. It needs to flow for at least 15 minutes. But, is a simple on/off safety shower the right equipment for every environment?

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ANSI standards summary pages laid out on a stainless steel background

Emergency Safety Shower and Eye Wash Stations, are yours ANSI Compliant?

The internationally recognised American National Standard, ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014 provides uniform minimum requirements for the performance, use, installation, testing, maintenance and training of emergency safety shower and eyewash equipment. This summary presents the main points for consideration to assist health and safety specifiers in understanding the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014 standard.

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male worker in high vis and hard hat standing with female worker holding clipboard

Hughes Join Forces with E-Commerce Giant

A global e-commerce organisation recently expanded its distribution network in Germany with the introduction of a new logistics centre. The company is responding to growing customer demand, offering an even greater product selection and supporting a growing number of independent merchants. The worldwide organisation chose Hughes to provide emergency safety showers for six of their logistic centres.

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