Oil refinery

Hughes Delivers Customised Decontamination Solution for French Oil and Gas Refinery

oil refinery

Background: A top international oil and gas refinery on France’s western coast recently initiated a €400 million facility upgrade at their refinery to capture profitable new markets in low-sulfur fuels that meet evolving European Union specifications. This substantial investment will significantly improve the refinery’s profitability and secure its long-term future.

Producing diesel, home heating oil and gasoline from oil sourced mainly from Eastern Europe, West Africa, the Mediterranean and the North Sea, the refinery is the second biggest in France, handling more than 11 million tonnes of fuel each year.

The organisation commits to safety ahead of everything else at its industrial facilities. As an existing customer, the organisation approached Hughes for a customised solution to meet their exacting requirements.

Objective: Even in the safest refineries, activities such as process sampling, inspection, handling or recharging pose chemical risks. These risks increase during regular scheduled maintenance and repair shutdowns.

The organisation were looking for a PPE decontamination shower that allowed an extended damping time to provide additional assurance throughout the decontamination process, alongside automatic activation. It was important that the unit complied to industry standards.

Solution: Hughes delivered a customised decontamination shower. This self-draining, walk-through decontamination shower with multiple nozzles incorporates a double unit, an automatic on/off activation complete with optoelectrical sensors, alongside a stainless steel frame and sump.

The extended damping time of the double unit provides the additional assurance the customer required and ensures operators are fully doused without the chance of passing through the unit too quickly.

The optoelectrical sensors allow the shower to start instantly upon entering. This feature means the unit is easy to operate, adding further ease to the user.

PPE decontamination showers not only provide effective health and safety measures for the individual that are compliant to current legislation, but also preserve and prolong the effective lifetime use of costly personal protective equipment.

The Hughes range of PPE Decontamination Showers includes two-stage decontamination showers, walk through and freeze protected models.

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