Weekly Activation Test

The International standard, ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014, states that safety showers and eye/face wash equipment should be visually inspected and activated on a weekly basis.

Watch the video to learn more about the importance of weekly activation tests, how to perform them and what to look out for.

Take a look at the Hughes Deluge Test Kit, designed to help perform weekly tests of overhead safety showers with ease.

Weekly activations will:

  • Clear the line of any sediment build-up preventing proper operation
  • Reduce the risk of harmful bacteria growth
  • Ensure this life-saving equipment works when needed

Keep track of your activations using our weekly checklist and note any areas that require maintenance.

Checks should include:

  • Activation Test:
    • Does the shower or eye wash activate properly? The unit should go from "off" to "on" in 1 second or less. The supply valve must remain open after activation until intentionally closed.
    • Is there a steady flow of water? Ensure the stream does not halt or stutter. For eye washes, check the streams of water are at the same height and are not erratic.
    • Is the water dirty or cloudy? Flush the equipment until the water is clear.
  • Visual inspection
    • Is the path to the equipment well-lit and clear of obstacles?
    • Is the shower and/or eye wash clearly visible and demarcated?
    • Is all electrical equipment at least 3 feet away?
    • Is the equipment in good working order? Check for leaking water or moisture, damage to the unit, and clean components if necessary.

Not only will performing this task give you peace of mind that your emergency equipment is in full working order, it will also ensure you remain compliant. If a shower fails to function correctly or further injures an employee you could face significant fines and/or imprisonment.

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