Skid Mounted Tempering System

Hughes skid mounted tempering system Hughes skid mounted tempering system Hughes safety shower shown connected to tempering system
Hughes skid mounted tempering system
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Skid mounted tempering system



Suitable for cold climates
Suitable for hazardous areas

Product Description

Skid Mounted Tempering System

This customizable system provides a usable tempered water supply immediately in the event of an emergency. Mounted on a stainless-steel skid, the system is pre-piped and wired for a single point electrical and water supply connection. Available tank and valve size options can supply multiple showers, eye/face washes and eyewashes simultaneously.

  • All required gauges, fittings, relief valves and expansion tank are included to ensure proper installation, maintenance and performance
  • All equipment mounted on a stainless-steel skid
  • Storage tanks feature an adjustable temperature immersion heater to provide hot water
  • ET71 tempering valve provides tepid water in accordance with ASSE 1071 and extends the amount of tepid water available
  • Integral 18G45G combination shower & eye/facewash meets the requirements of
    ANSI Z358.1-2014
  • Alarm with flow switch and light to alert facility personnel when shower is activated
  • Functionally tested prior to shipment to ensure a fast and easy installation every time

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