Focus on: Pharmaceutical

The Hughes PPE decontamination shower units have been specifically designed in response to concerns held within the pharmaceutical industry. Plant personnel who routinely handle potentially harmful substances require a quick and efficient method of washing contaminants from their protective clothing and equipment, while also prolonging the lifetime of this expensive PPE.

Minimising airborne particles with misting showers

Airborne particles can contaminate the workplace when protective clothing is removed. The DEC-DS-6-M Damping Shower ensures that powders bind on the surfaces of PPE equipment and cannot become airborne reducing the risk of contamination and injury.

Walk-through units can easily be installed in corridors and walkways for ease of movement between clean and unclean areas.

Two-stage decontamination

Simple but effective walk-through showers offer a thorough two-stage decontamination. Initially, detergent is added to the water to break down the contaminant followed by a secondary washdown to remove the unwanted substance.

The DEC-V-5 incorporates a detergent inducing venturi feeding an overhead shower and hose brush, plus ten shower nozzles for the secondary wash down. Alternatively, the walk-through, self-draining DEC-D-29 features multiple nozzles to assist with the decontamination process.

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scientist looking into a microscope in a pharmaceutical setting