Focus on: Oil and Gas

Workers in the oil and gas industry are exposed to hazardous drilling fluids and mercury which can lead to immediate irritation as well as skin and eye burns. Many sites can be remote in areas exposed to extreme temperatures or lacking a sufficient water supply making it difficult to provide the emergency safety showers needed to treat casualties and prevent further harm.

Resolving insufficient water supply or pressure

Hughes Tank Showers are perfect for environments where there is an insufficient volume of water provided from the mains supply or if the pressure is inadequate. The ANSI compliant 1500L emergency tank shower provides tepid water for over 15 minutes at a guaranteed flow of 76 litres per minute without a mains supply. Sun shields and compact chillers ensure the water in the tank doesn't overheat in hot climates.

Tackling extreme climates

In tropical or arid climates, the sun can heat standing water in the pipes of an emergency safety shower to high temperatures such as 50°C (122°F). Upon activation this could result in a high risk of shock, scalding and further absorption of harmful chemicals by the skin. Self-draining showers ensure that water is drained from the pipe to protect against solar radiation. Watch our short animation to find out how they work.

For sub-zero areas, such as the Alaskan oil fields, it is essential that injured workers are not exposed to ice-cold water temperatures as this could result in shock or pneumonia. Cold water also increases the chances of the victims leaving the shower before the ANSI recommended 15 minutes.

The Hughes Polar Tank Showers are ideal for severely cold climates as they not only keep the water at a tepid temperature but also operate within an insulated cubicle which protects casualties as they shower and await further assistance.

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