Focus on: Military

When refuelling aircraft, the US Air Force and RAF are exposed to an increased risk of a petrol spill. Alongside this, the military can also encounter other chemical hazards similar to those faced by the emergency services.

An answer for the problem of remote sites

Air fields can often be remote or lack a reliable mains supply of water. The Hughes range of emergency tank showers are ideal for such sites, providing a water tank capacity of 1500 litres. This outdoor ANSI compliant model features an immersion heater and ensures the water remans within the tepid range as well as providing 15 minutes of water at a guaranteed flow of 76 litres per minute.

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Emergency response solutions

The military have a duty to plan and prepare for the protection of the public in the event of an accident, disaster or attack using chemical, nuclear or biological agents. Our range of emergency response solutions are easy to transport and quick to set up. These showers are imperative to remove contaminants from protective clothing prior to removal or for the bare skin of casualties involved in an incident. In order to restrict the spread of harmful chemicals the PORTAFlex Cupola and PORTAdec 1000 feature an integrated sump to contain contaminated water.

ATEX Certified

Where our units are heated the electrical parts required are safe for ATEX Zone 1, ensuring models are safe for environments likely to contain flammable gas, vapour or mist during normal operations.

To ensure this level of safety, our fitters are trained in the specific installation required for ATEX safe products.

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