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The complexity and diversity of modern industry has created a wide range of hazards and working environments. Handling raw materials and chemicals can all be dangerous for workers. In order to prevent or lessen injuries, emergency safety showers should be installed within 15 metres of the hazard to provide vital first aid. For strong acids and caustics, safety showers must be immediately adjacent to the hazard.

Decontamination for face and eyes

Whatever the location, all our plumbed-in and self-contained (portable)  eye/face washes are designed to be quick and simple to operate.

The STD-45G features an integral lid offering protection from dust and debris often experienced in a manufacturing environment. Our range also includes stainless steel or ABS plastic open bowl, aswell as portable units which offer a secondary safety measure to supplement fixed installations.

Indoor Showers for All Applications

The indoor, general-purpose range of unheated emergency safety showers  are designed for use in all applications not subject to the possibility of freezing or overheating. The range includes wall and ceiling mounted showers, for where space is at premium, and floor mounted units.

Our floor mounted safety showers with protective steel frame provide extra support to the casualty in an emergency while the frame also provides a designated area for the safety equipment to avoid the space becoming obstructed.

Specifying for Food Manufacturing

Large-scale refrigeration often requires the use of ammonia which can be corrosive if it comes into contact with skin. Contact with ammonia requires flushing of the area with a large amount of water for at least 15 minutes, at a temperature between 25°C-30°C. The Hughes STD-TC-100KS/11K Temperature Controlled Safety Shower maintains the water within this range and can also be used to supply heated water to other emergency safety showers in the local vicinity.

All our emergency safety showers are available with stainless steel pipework, particularly suitable for the food industry where no painted units can be installed. The stainless steel pipework is durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

Exposure to Bitumen

Bitumen used in the tarmac and aggregate industry has the potential to cause severe burns if absorbed into the skin. Emergency safety showers must be installed no more than 20m from the delivery flange and should provide at least 15 minutes of flushing water (as per Eurobitume Bitumen Burns Card advice) at a flow of 76 litres per minute. Our 1500L Emergency Tank Shower meets the specification required to treat bitumen exposure and is easy to operate by an operative in distress via the foot plate.

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