NEW! Zero Power Cooling System for Emergency Tank Showers

Ensure tepid water from your emergency tank shower even in the most extreme hot climates...WITHOUT THE NEED FOR POWER!

European and International standards stipulate that the water delivered from an emergency safety shower should be tepid, between 16°C and 38°C. In hot climates, such as the Middle East, this can be challenging due to solar radiation heating the water within the pipes of the safety shower to dangerous levels resulting in scalding and further injury to a casualty upon activation in the event of an emergency.

Hughes are now excited to introduce the world's first passive cooling system for emergency tank showers - requiring no power, maintenance or servicing.

Using a tank shower from Hughes fitted with the new cooling system allow safety showers to be provided in areas that do not have a reliable power source or water supply, such as well-heads or new exploration sites.

  • Retrofittable to existing Hughes Emergency Tank Showers
  • Perfect for remote locations
  • Suitable for hazardous areas
  • Environmentally friendly - calculate your carbon savings here
  • Fit and forget solution
  • Zero running costs

Find out more about how the new Zero Power Cooling System works, download specifications, frequently asked questions and view the third party test results.

Patent Pending