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Hydrofluoric acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Calcium Hypochlorite and similar chemicals used in water treatment processes can be extremely hazardous to workers. In addition, chemicals can be absorbed through the skin from contact with wastewater or sludge.

To prevent further injury, safety showers need to be placed within 15 metres of a potential hazard.

Experienced suppliers

Reliable operation and low maintenance are especially important in remote locations such as water treatment plants. Major water utility companies across the UK, including Thames Water, Scottish Water, United Utilities and Welsh Water, specify emergency tank showers from Hughes due to our experience and knowledge in this industry.

Read our case studies to see how we've worked with water utilities companies:

People Power leads to Shower Power at Thames Water

Emergency Tank Showers specified for major water utilities companies

Cold weather proof

Hughes have an extensive range of outdoor showers, including those designed for use where there is a possibility of the water inside the shower freezing due to drops in the ambient temperature. These units are heated and insulated for improved frost protection.

Delivery of tepid water in remote environments

Hughes Tank Showers are ideal for more remote locations where there is an insufficient volume of water provided from the mains supply or if the pressure is inadequate. The 1500L model provides tepid water for 15 minutes without a mains supply.

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A mobile solution on standby

To supplement your stationary units or where a mobile unit is the only solution, make sure you stay ANSI compliant with our 1200L mobile self-contained heated emergency safety shower.

The tank can be filled with potable water by hose, then transported quickly and easily behind a suitable vehicle using the towing hitch provided. The immersian heater maintains the water at a tepid temperature and provides a continuous flow of water for over 15 minutes.

For a short term solution, this unit is also available to hire.

Our service and support

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