Two-Stage PPE Decontamination Shower

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Two-Stage PPE Decontamination Shower

DEC-V-5: Two-stage PPE Decontamination Shower with detergent application, hose brush and galvanised mild steel pipework

The DEC-V-5 provides a two-stage decontamination process offering effective health and safety measures for the individual that are compliant to current regulation while also preserving and prolonging the effective lifetime use of costly personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Incorporates a detergent inducing venturi feeding an overhead shower and hose brush, plus ten shower nozzles for the secondary wash down
  • When the location is of a temporary nature the unit can be easily sited by a fork lift truck
  • Optional drain sump and strip screen to help contain contaminated water

Also available with 316L stainless steel pipework: DEC-V-5S

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