Portable Decontamination Misting Shower

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Portable Decontamination Misting Shower

PORTAdec® 500: Portable decontamination misting shower for use prior to removal of PPE or in hygiene facilities

Support your COVID-19 containment strategies with this portable decontamination misting shower, suitable for the decontamination of PPE prior to removal or within hygiene facilities. The unit is provided with a 15 litre cylinder which should be filled with the appropriate non-toxic disinfectant*.

A self-sanitising mat sits at the base of the unit offering a top to toe decontamination, while the demarcation zone mat denotes the disinfection zone at the entrance and drying zone upon leaving the shower.

  • Quick to assemble
  • Zipped sides allow for set-up as a walk-through units or step-in/step-out
  • Hands-free foot activation for ease of use
  • Packed in a transportable case on wheels (frame, cover and misting shower)

*Hughes advise the use of electrolysed water. Although also known as Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), it is at least 99% water, non-toxic and totally safe for human use.

Supplied as standard: misting shower (includes frame and machine washable cover within carry case); 15 litre cylinder with foot activation; high pressure hand pump to pressurize cylinder; sanitising mat and demarcation zone mat; sandbags (12kg when filled)
Optional: additional 15 litre cylinder to ensure continuous operation when a refill is required; spare nozzle kit; Dosatron chemical induction kit for use with mains water supply; entrance and exit ramps plus floor grating to assist wheelchair users