Mobile Emergency Safety Showers

Mobile emergency safety showers are perfect for areas where a stationary unit is unsuitable. Offering rapid response and flexibility of location, this range is designed to be an ideal supplement to permanent plumbed-in safety showers.

The mobile units enable rapid response within 10 seconds of a hazard and are essential for standby use for locations where no water supply is available, a constant supply of water cannot be relied upon or when existing safety showers are undergoing maintenance.

Watch the video to the right for instructions on how to fill and pressurise our 40K range of mobile safety showers.

If your safety showers are not in full working order, your workforce could be at risk. Regular servicing is paramount to keep your safety showers and eye baths up to scratch. Hughes also offer the added option of on-site legionella testing of your safety showers and eye wash units on top of your regular service. 

International and European standards also recommend that emergency safety showers must be visually inspected and activated every week to guarantee reliable and effective operation. 

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