robinsons brewery sign

Hughes Safety Showers have supplied Stockport based Robinsons Brewery with emergency safety showers and eye/face wash equipment for over thirty years.

The brewing industry as a whole has a positive approach to employee safety and Frederick Robinson Limited have often led the way. David Robinson, Frederic Robinson Ltd Director, commented; “We have been using Hughes Safety Showers in the brewery at Stockport and at our packaging facility at nearby Bredbury for as long as I can remember.

They are mainly required wherever there is a perceived risk of spillage of detergent associated with plant cleaning. However we also position them in other areas to cover for different risks. Thankfully emergencies requiring their use are extremely rare, but should a spillage occur it is vital that a drenching shower of clean fresh water is close at hand and that the shower is easy to operate and that it works perfectly first time without delay.”

With regular servicing their equipment was still going strong many years later. Significant investment in the Brewery’s 177 year old buildings called for a change in the shower orientation and now they are using the latest emergency safety showers from Hughes.

“Like us, Hughes are based in Stockport and are a family company and we have been delighted with the service they provide, which includes ongoing servicing. I asked one of our engineering staff for a comment on the above, particularly the maintenance, and this is what he replied: ‘All I can say is that they arrive on site when they say they will, get the job done without any issues and are very easy to work with’.”

Regular servicing and maintenance is proven to extend the lifetime of the equipment and subsequently reduce cost of ownership over time as demostrated at Robinsons Brewery.

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