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Tailored Safety Shower Requirements for Every Industry, from Hughes

All industries face their own limitations which can make implementing safety equipment a challenging task. Over the years, Hughes have developed a product range to provide safety showers and eye baths that provide relief in any environment. However, often our customers bring us new challenges which require a bespoke service. At Hughes, we pride ourselves on working directly with our customers to understand their requirements and engineer the most appropriate solutions, whatever the demands.

Sites around the world face many challenges such as extremes in temperatures and unreliable water supplies. Regions within the Middle East see annual temperatures fluctuating between -40C and +45C making the implementation of safety showers difficult, but not impossible. The Tengiz oilfield in Kazakhstan faced these kinds of environmental challenges, Hughes were able to install a mix of floor-mounted indoor combination safety showers and the same tubular safety showers were modified so that they could be supplied via a gravity-fed water tank for areas with an unreliable water source. Polar emergency tank-fed showers and polar cubicle showers were provided to offer relief to outdoor workers in extremely low ambient temperatures. These units feature insulated booths with additional air heaters to ensure safe operation in the extreme colds of the climate.

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In hazardous environments, such as those using explosive chemicals, electrical equipment must be ATEX/IECEX certified. A UK agricultural site implementing outdoor safety showers required trace-tape heating and lighting for increased visibility at night and in winter months. Due to the explosive properties of the chemicals used at the site, a high specification rating was required for all electrical equipment.

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Hughes provide a host of optional fittings to improve functionality and visibility:

  • Easy-to-use push plates or foot treadles for hands-free operation.
  • Audible and visual alarms to alert others when safety equipment has been activated.
  • ABS plastic or stainless steel shower roses can be installed in place of the standard Hughes nozzle.
  • For areas where water supply pressure or temperature needs to be regulated, Hughes can add a pressure reducing valve or scald protection valve.
  • GRP ramps and barriers provide a demarcation zone to prevent access to the safety shower from being obstructed. The anti-slip ramps also help to mitigate trip and slip hazards while the bright colour acts as a hi-visibility visual indicator.
  • Hughes can offer a customised powder-coated finish on tubular models to increase invisibility for workers.

No matter the requirements, Hughes’ years of innovation experience mean that no challenge is too big or small. To discuss your requirements with a representative, submit an enquiry today.


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