Emergency Tank Showers

From the arctic to the desert, emergency tank showers are effective in all environments where tepid water, or a constant supply of water, cannot be guaranteed. Equally, if there is insufficient water pressure, these units are essential.

The product range suits all types of operating environments and climates - the outdoor models are heated and pre-insulated to prevent freezing while the indoor or hot climate versions are insulated but without heating to ensure a steady temperature is maintained.

For severely cold climates, the polar tank showers incorporate a double-skinned fibreglass insulated cubicle to protect the user from the elements.

Don't let this life-saving safety equipment fall into disrepair, make sure you set up a Hughes service plan to stay compliant with ANSI and EN standards. As an added extra, we are also now able to offer on-site legionella testing as part of a regular service of you emergency safety showers and eye/face wash units.

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