Emergency Eye/Face Wash Equipment

No matter the location, all of these plumbed-in and self-contained (portable) emergency eye wash stations are designed to be quick and simple to operate. This extensive range includes units for both indoor and outdoor use, with freeze-protected and self-draining options available.

There are numerous variations to suit all environments: open or closed bowl, plastic or stainless steel and powder coated - perfect for the laboratory. Whether you need a wall, pedestal, table or bench mounted eye wash station there is a model to fit your requirements.

For locations that are unsuitable for fixed installations, the portable units enable rapid response and should be used as a secondary safety measure to supplement plumbed in eye/face wash units.

Remember, weekly activation and regular servicing of your eye/face wash units is paramount to ensure that this life-saving equipment is fully operational if needed. Hughes are also now able to offer the option of on-site legionella testing of your safety showers and eye wash units as part of your regular service.

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